Bees round a honeypot

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

monochrome tartan

Shirt and skirt – charity shops, tights – M &Co, boots – Internacionale, undertop – F&F, mnecklace – New Look

Honeypot wood

This outfit is inspired by a picture sent to me by Hazel last week which immediately set the cogs whirring in my brain.



green tartan skirt

I wore this in to town for a quick spot of Christmas shopping with Husband at the weekend and it turned out to be a little bit of a strain. The wool skirt clearly needs a petticoat underneath to stop it from clinging to me legs and itself but unfortunately I only realised this once in town so had to contend with that as well as manhandling bags and shoppers. The skirt is one that Hazel pointed out to be on our charity shop marathon way back and I knew I *had* to own it; the colours are amazing, plus it is such a neat length and has the classic comedy giant safety pin.

tartan midi

I knew Husband had to be back home in plenty of time for a meeting (boo) and we kind of got carried away in town with shopping, browsing and a large breakfast at 'Spoons (guilty as charged) so I knew we were cutting it fine. I'm trying to get outfit pictures in the can while out an about so we headed into the countryside, hoping that inspiration would strike and I could just hop out and get a couple of snaps. We missed the ideal spot so I turned down a narrow lane hoping to find a place to park. To my dismay, not only was there nowhere to pull off, the lane ended abruptly and turned into a private drive, so I had no option but to reverse half a mile with someone following me too. I'm not the best at reversing to start with but the lane wasn't even straight so it took an eternity and wasted valuable time. The next lane happened to be far better and brought us out at a tiny patch of woodland I had visited a few years ago and completely forgotten how to find it. Honeypot Wood is the cutest name ever, don't you think?

Autumn outfit

Naturally I can't possibly drive in these boots so when I parked up in a hurry I had to yank them on in haste and the tongue got stuck down by my toes which was really painful so I had to hobble to a fairly dry area and try to to lose my balance while the shutter clicked away. Turns out these pictures are probably my favourites yet. I shall return.


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