Cooler than the red dress

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

girl picking wild flowersred dloaty dress in sunshinegirl in dress wild flowers

This dress got a lot of love on it's first outing back in the autumn and in the end of year round up so although it is not one I planned on wearing in spring specifically I felt like giving it a whirl. MISTAKE! The weather looked delightfully warm but in fact I got rather too cold, which is probably why I caught whatever bug it was that took me down for the best part of a week, to my great annoyance. Lesson learned; ne'er cast a clout 'til May be out.

I'll tell you what's cooler than the red dress; these beautiful spring flowers. I'm relishing all the pretty blooms on show over the past couple of weeks, they've really filled me with happiness for spring.

Dress and belt – charity shops, bag and necklace – giveaway wins, boots – Yull, socks – Tesco

I have a few exciting (to me) posts in the pipeline which pleases me no end. Posts seem to be appearing in fits and starts at the moment but I have 910 under my belt with no plans to stop; taking things at my own pace with a smile.

Have a lovely day!


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