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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Holland and Barrett

When Holland and Barrett asked me to take a health and lifestyle MOT I thought it would be interesting to find out where I stand and how to make improvements. I've spoken before about how pathetically bad I am at looking after the 'beauty' side of my health; dry skin, severe lack of beauty regime, abstinence from moisturising. You name it, I probably forget to do it. I was sent some Aloe Vera wipes to help keep my skin fresh. I tend to use a multi stage process to clean my face; tissue to wipe off some of the foundation (my skin is so greasy that foundation tends to just float off the surface anyway), then wet wipes to get the majority off, followed by micellar water and then a while later a good wash with a sensitive facial wash. This is supposed to all be concluded with a little bit of a moisturise and as one of my resolutions I vowed to get myself into a better routine of moisturising my face in the hope that I can slow down the rate my face looks like it's ageing. Three weeks of regular attention was all I managed before getting forgetful and skipping the odd evening before abandoning it altogether. This Olive oil day cream looks rather luxurious and really ought to be applied albeit sparingly of a morning to protect my skin from the cold winter starts which seem to be drying my face out each morning.

You've probably notice that my hair is getting in worse condition in recent months, it looks and feels much drier which I put would say is partly down to the weather but mosty because I haven't been lavishing it with enough care. It really needs a regular moisturising mask but I just never seem to prioritise it and so my various tubs of gunk for that remain untouched. I was sent some Hair Food which contains vitamins and minerals needed for hair to grow and maintain good condition. Sadly, as I'm utterly rubbish and can't swallow tablets these are something I'll pass on to someone else who can make better use of them.  I've spoken before about how I really don't like nuts. As part of my attempts to eat clean and improve my diet I've taken to trying more in the way of including nuts and seeds. These almonds are sure to get eaten soon. More to come on the nut-front soon I hope.

It's no secret that I don't get enough sleep. I tried really hard last week and got a trio of early nights, two lots of over 7 hours and one full 8 hours, I was so proud of myself but conversely I did feel a bit poorly after the 8 hours, with a dull headache most of the day which I can't really explain. When filling in the Good Life MOT survey I perhaps should have elaborated that I was not gettng enough sleep because I simply don't allow enough time to sleep, as opposed to laying awake at night. Chris, on the other hand is something of an insomniac so I'm hoping these Valerian pills will be of some use to him. The lavender essential oil and lavender massage oil are really not my thing as lavender is far more of a scent either of my grandmothers would use and kind of puts me off so again, I'll pass these on to someone who can get more use. In fact I think I'll put together a giveaway with some extra goodies soon. Along with a blogsale, I HAVE to part with a load of clothes.

Thanks to Holland and Barrett for sending me this parcel! All opinions my own, as usual, as ever.


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