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Monday, March 03, 2014

Vintage Jaeger jacketVintage braceletVintage Jaeger jacketlooking down at shiny boots

On Thursday I went to one of the special live cinema screenings of the hit show War Horse with my Mum. We booked the tickets a while ago and were lucky to get any at all, it seemed like a popular limited screening being shown all round the country. War Horse is a show that we'd both heard about quite a while ago and had we been the types to go to a London show then this would have been top of our list of ones to see. Mum and I are both horsey people and so this is something that we have in common as well as everything else so when we heard that we could see the live show from our local cinema we jumped at the chance even though the tickets were quite expensive considering!

In short the show was brilliant. Neither of us had read the book by Michael Morpurgo, nor had done any research about the show so we didn't really have a clue what to expect. Mum wondered if it was a musical and I thought it would be a larger scale production with loads of people and staging. We were both wrong, there were only a few main characters and yes, there was a bit of singing but it wasn't a musical. The short interviews with the author and show production joint manager were illuminating and the mini documentary of how the show was conceived and evolved was really interesting.

Joey the horse was little short of a masterpiece; an amazing handsprung body operated by exceptionally talented puppeteers which after a couple of minutes of getting used to, really came to life. I was a total convert! All of the puppets were individual with their own characters and I definitely had a soft spot for the naughty goose.

I wore my favourite Jaeger jacket, thick shirt and high waisted oasis jeans (all from charity shops) along with my new boots which you will be seeing a lot more of soon. Vintage bracelet, new look necklace.

While we journeyed to the cinema I pondered when the last time that Mum and I went out anywhere together and found that I couldn't dredge anything much from my memory except from a different horse-based show around 16 years ago. Pretty fair to say we don't tend to do anything much together and a bit of guilt flooded through me that maybe I'm not being quite generous enough with my time. It's fair to say I'm not all that girly and I am the only daughter with Mum having no nieces so perhaps I'm not really fulfilling my role with regard to girl-time.


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