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Thursday, March 27, 2014

outfit in pub
A little insight into my weekend is what I’m posting today. 
Keeping in touch with friends is always something I vow to get better at yet usually fail miserably with. On Saturday we met up with schoolfriends in our old town for a meal and a good catchup of....six years. It's funny how even though years can pass, when you see good friends again it's like you pick up exactly where you left off last. (Not always the case though, some people change beyond recognition and things don't feel so comfortable).
I got the fear a little bit before meeting up as I was anxious that, knowing me, I might just clam up and be dreadful company but I needn't have worried it was all good. We had a great time, found we still have plenty in common and actually must make it a slightly more regular event.
I wore my favourite vintage Jaeger blouse and trusty old River Island shorts along with my George at Asda polka dot tights and new glitter boots. My feet were in agony after walking around town. OUCH! Just for old times' sake I got ID'd in a pub; "I'm 28!!!" guess I haven't changed much since leaving my old town either.
selfie vintage shirtprotein flapjacks
I've been meaning to try out some wholesome snack recipes and this one for protein flapjacks by Josh Mann  caught my eye for being so simple. I have to admit that I was slightly dubious about how they would turn out especially knowing how disgusting our 'chocolate' protein powder is (so bad that it cannot possibly be drunk as a shake). However, these morsels of goodness are rather delicious and everyone has been helping themselves without coercion prompting. Try for yourselves!
green vintage batwing dressgreen vintage dress
On Sunday we went out for some culture – hearing some wonderful live classical music. In typical Sophie fashion I managed to arrive about a minute before the performance started so didn't have a chance to change my practical driving shoes for my ridonkulous glitter boots (to wear them for driving would need to sit in the rear seat). This glorious dress does demand monster heels in order to prevent me looking dreadfully dumpy.
platform glitter bootsdog on frosty grass
It was either Monday or Tuesday we woke up to a hard frost which meant we had to wrap up extra warm for our morning dog walk, Lincoln was none too impressed and would have preferred to stay on the sofa instead. He's not stupid!
black bean beef burgers and noodles
Chris cooked a yummy dinner of black bean beef burgers with stir fried vegetables and sweet chilli noodles, it was one of the most enjoyable meals I've eaten for quite a while; hot but still crisp vegetables are the best.
eat clean breakfast
Lastly and on Tuesday so technically nothing to do with the weekend, I made myself a completely alien breakfast of 2 scrambled eggs, avocado and cherry tomatoes in an attempt to broaden my breakfast repertoire with something 'clean'. I'm so impressed by Carly Rowena's food posts, she seems to eat such bright, healthy meals and it makes my food look so naughty.
I wonder what this weekend will bring?

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