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Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring leather jacket

scarf and leather jacketskinny trousers and leather jacket

rockstar look

Guess who's been spoiled and now has to 'make do' with distinctly less impressive outfit pictures? *raises hand*.

I wore this a couple of weeks back when the sun came out which lead to me dig out my leather jacket, the poor thing had been hidden behind woolen coats and (shudders) anoraks on the coat pegs. I bought the mini leather bomber thing a couple of years back now (I think) when I really wanted one and had to grit my teeth and bid something cray like £10 on ebay *winces*. Thankfully, I have made good use of it and have recently found myself reaching for it whenever the forecast declares it to be dry out. Naturally, a hint of rain would render it useless; soggy leather is pretty much punishable by goodness knows what.

These red check trousers have not seen the light of day nearly often enough lately and I'm pretty sure it's only because they had somehow become lost in my wardrobe. Just recently I've felt more experimental with colour which is why I wore red trousers with this peach jumper and nude polka dot scarf. The whole ensemble whispers rockstar to me, especially with the big sunglasses but perhaps bigger boots are needed. I wore my granny mini-wedge comfy ankle boots for maximum comfort, something I doubt is considered by bona fide rockers!

Jacket, trousers – ebay, jumper – Internacionale, boots – TK Maxx, scarf – gift, sunglasses – QD


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