The Chanel suit at Wolferton Royal Station

Friday, March 21, 2014

Wolferton station
This is part two of the photoshoot I was lucky enough to be a part of with amazing local photographer Jon Clifton last month. We headed down to the Royal Station at Wolferton which is the most beautiful place, kept immaculately. I can just picture a train pulling up and a few royals hopping off, it is so pretty and made for a brilliant location to get some pictures.
Chanel pastel tweed suitPastel Tweed jacket
I'm so excited to share these pictures with you after keeping quiet for a few weeks, the pictures are even better than I hoped! Jon made such a great job of getting a great variety of photographs and getting creative with staging.
Pastel tweed suit
yellow tweed jacket
I chose to wear a two piece suit that I've owned for around three years yet only worn half of once; an ebay purchase I've been too chicken to wear. This light woven two piece reminded me so much of the classic Chanel designs which strike me as so elegant and timeless. Originally from H&M, my suit is not crafted to quite the same standards or attention to detail. The bright yellow and green woven fabric is perfect for springtime with the cropped sleeves and miniskirt being really quite bearable in the warming sunshine.
Shockingly I don't think I'd tried both parts on together before, in my head the skirt was longer and the jacket bulkier. I didn't feel like I had the confidence to wear it as a suit but for the life of me I have no idea why! It certainly reminds me of Cher in Clueless and I even have the perfect bag to compliment the look (which obviously I forgot to bring).
Jon Clifton photographer
The boots, THE BOOTS! Aren't they amazing? Completely impractical of course, the prettiest do tend to be but at £14.52 these Odeon boots from Amazon can be as useless as they want; they still represent good value even if just displayed on my mantelpiece. You can just about make out my pink socks, the final touch towards the pastel ensemble.
Sophie in the Sticks
Jon is available on Twitter at @Jon_Clifton78 for all types of photography in the Norfolk area , you can check out his portfolio at It was great to work with Jon and I’d like to personally wish him the best of luck making the progression to professional photographer and hope that the success he deserves comes his way soon.
What do you think? I’m so thrilled with the photographs! You can check out the Sandringham woodland shoot if you missed it first time round.

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