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Friday, July 10, 2015


I've been thinking lately about having a little facelift around here; it's been almost two years since I had the big shake up with the new blog name and redesign and I'm now getting sorely tempted to have another makeover. A concept has been worming it's way into my head for months now but I've yet to take the plunge into orchestration as it's going to be time consuming and if I'm honest, a little beyond my techie capabilities. I really want to know where my blog is going wrong so I can make sure it gets back on track in future. In terms of posts the balance is one I'm really happy with; a pleasant mix of outfits and fashion finds, countryside photography, fitness and lifestyle updates. The somewhat erratic feel to posts is what suits me best....often I don't plan more than a couple of days ahead an am almost always constructing a post from scratch the night before. It's 11:15pm and I've edited the pictures and this is as far as I've written. It may shock you to know that I spell check and scan through each post but often I don't read back what I've written thoroughly*. I'd love to get to a stage where I properly construct and finish each post a good few days before publishing but frankly that's not going to happen in a hurry so I'll make do with my current system for the moment. Mornings where I have a post ready to share (or just need a light tinkering) make me get up with a spring in my step; there is a little fizz of excitement which usually provide me with the motivation to get out of bed as soon as I'm awake (around 5:50 to 6am) and set to work making breakfast and readying myself for the day ahead with significantly more enthusiasm than if I have nothing new ready to post.

So, there is a chance that things may get a little spruce up sooner or later, but I'm hoping it's sooner!


* I always spend a good while reading through and editing collaborative posts as I want them to be the very best I can make them. Always.

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