The dark risk

Thursday, July 02, 2015

dark dress in grass fielddark dress in grass field

A dark dress in summer is something of a risk but on this particular day the sun was hidden behind clouds for much of the afternoon, occasionally breaking through to beam down light in spooky shafts. I've become rather taken with wearing these yellow flowers in my hair, they are such a lovely cheerful accessory which on this occasion match the yellow in my dress. Another find from the charity shopping trip to Ipswich with Hazel and Kezzie a couple of months back, this Monsoon dress is a simple cut with a pretty neck detail. Worn with biker boots, heart pendent necklace and lots of bangles.

brecks5dark dress in grass fielddark dress in grass field

This landscape is how I see the Brecks in my mind; a flat outlook with wild grasses and flowers with pine trees swaying in the summer breeze. At this time of year it looks distinctly dry as the sandy soil drains easily, leaving a dusty surface. You can almost hear the insects buzzing in the undergrowth, and the birds calling out. This fabulous arc of wild flowers is such a joy to behold, irresistible for me to miss, I'm so drawn to the fleeting details before they vanish for the season.


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