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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Homemade bread and jam

With the glut of strawberries we are finding ourselves on, jamming has been the name of the game lately. Fortunately, C is keen on making jams so has happily made batch after batch of beautiful bright strawberry jam which we are now figuring out who to offload the majority off to. Despite his enthusiasm for preserving the juicy red berries, C doesn't eat jam with anything other than rice pudding which happens roughly twice a year. I'm not a big jam eater either, but when faced with a slice or two of bread and a pot of preserve I'm too weak to turn it down. As we don't generally buy bread there is one very obvious answer; baking a loaf from scratch.

Homemade bread and jamHomemade bread and jam

After moaning about not being able to find a recipe that I'm happy with (for the breadmaker) I was encouraged to bake from scratch using the recipe on the back of the yeast sachet. Dubiously, I had a look at ours, it was Allinsons with a straightforward recipe so I thought it would be worth a try. We had all the ingredients so I set to work getting everything measured out. My plan was to make the whole thing myself but a hoverer appeared and didn't take the hint to go away so after at least 10 minutes of unrewarding kneading I chose to make the best use of resources and allowed C to take over, while I snapped a couple of pictures. The kneading might be better next time as I now have a little more experience but I'm going to have another go soon but maybe when I have the kitchen to myself.

Homemade bread and jamHomemade bread and jam

The bread itself was using a different brand of flour, maybe next time I will try making a granary loaf instead of white. The loaf was really dense and stodgy so perhaps a few adjustments might be in order next time but once loaded with some spread and homemade strawberry jam it was delicious.

I feel a bit grown up.

Homemade bread and jamHomemade bread and jamEverything stops for tea book

As just a quick side note; I've bought a copy of this wonderful new book called Everything Stops For Tea which is Norfolk's own cookbook, it's for charity, supporting Marie Curie and all the recipes have come from talented local people from chefs to producers of fabulous local fare. There is an amazing range of recipes for things you can bake for afternoon tea; the pork and pigeon pie and the caramelised white chocolate & vanilla cheesecake sound so good and I can't wait to get stuck in! The book costs £20, all of which goes to the charity and it's available all over Norfolk; I bought mine from Ceres in Swaffham but I know it's also available in Jarrolds and many other places. Go get your copy and support the cause!


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  1. These are beautiful photos! The bread looks really tasty and I am drooling at Strawberry jam! If we meet up ever again, save me a jar please!?!?!?! CBC makes bread in our breadmaker and his is very dense like you describe!x

  2. That looks so gorgeous - I love homemade bread and I quite like the density and crumbliness of it.

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. As I read this, ironically with a piece of jam on toast to hand. I went strawberry picking earlier this week and turned a glut of them into jam. We anticipated the taste, hoping it would set correctly and I must say I think I have smashed it! Even Mr Taylor, who is not a usual jam lover is devouring his way through his plate of toast this morning, with much praise!

    Breadmaking is a difficult art - I do think it can be a little bit disheartening at times, the last loaf I made was still raw inside :( So it did sadly put me off baking again. But, that said if you bake a good loaf, the taste is far greater than any shop bought alternative. Happy baking my friend.

    Oh Sophie, we are grown up. But, I like to think of it as the next chapter. Progression.
    x x x

  4. Beautiful photos. You can't beat bread and jam with a cuppa. The charity I'm involved with has a small army of jam makers, I don't think I've bought anything other than their handmade offerings for months now. It's delicious!
    Look at the colour of yours though - divine!


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