Those days

Friday, July 24, 2015

Those days in summerThose days in summerThose days in summerThose days in summerjune3june5june7june6june8june9

Those days when the sun rises over the horizon, seeping through the curtains and slowly fills the room with light. The days my first few steps outside tell me the day will start hot but the temperatures are only going to soar as the hours race past; toasting the lawn and drying out the soil. Plants wilt, their leaves shrugging in a resigned acceptance of the heat, sighing with silent breath and waiting patiently for the sun to set.

The wind fails to make an appearance; it's show only to be overshadowed by the the giant fireball aloft, it doesn't even bother to try. The wild grasses don't wave, they stand to attention and salute the yellow admiral in the vast sea of blue, they reach and stretch, wordlessly jostling to outgrow their neighbours.

The bees go about their work with vigour and zest; zipping from one frond to another, running riot on each before bolting to another carefully selected bloom with pollen all over their hairy little bodies. Butterflies settle briefly to stretch out their painted wings; slowly opening and closing them in a well timed ritual before fluttering away in twos and threes.

The grasshoppers grind away deep in the undergrowth, their songs uniting into one zzzzzz. I close my eyes and drift off far, far away.


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