Seventies dreams in purple fields

Thursday, July 16, 2015

bride in a purple field

I can hardly believe what an amazing backdrop that has been created; golden ears of barley sweeping into the horizon while the gorgeous purple wild flowers have been sown as a field boundary. The colours are rich and match each other so well, nature really does know best working with it's glorious palette.

Glitzy Secrets bridl flower hair clipseventies inspired bride in a purple field

You may be wondering why I'm wearing such an unusual dress... I was challenged to style up this stunning flower of romance hair flower from Glitzy Secrets in my preferred seventies look; which immediately had me searching my wardrobe for the perfect dress. The hair slide is a thing of beauty indeed; so pretty and delicate looking yet strong and secure, the sparkles make it feel like a really special piece. As well as being a gorgeous hair accessory for people, like me, who wear flowers in their hair it's definitely got that magical bridal feel to it too. I wore my hair down and loose; freshly washed and full of curls and clipped the slide onto one side. You could also have your hair up and clip it in to that as well, plus I also tried out clipping in to a spray of flowers which looked beautiful too.

bridal inspiration seventies style dress in a field

Necklace is from Lily Blanche and the usual array of accessories from charity shops

bride in a purple field

When creating my outfit my first reaction was to suspect I didn't own much seventies inspired pieces (wrong, about 65% of my clothes are) so my fears were quelled once I started pulling out items I liked best. Mostly dresses, with prints, except this one which cried out to be worn. It's an amazing vintage piece which has absolutely zero purpose except to hang on the rail and look like a wedding dress. It's another one of those buys which I couldn't resist but can't exactly say I'd ever have cause to wear but at £4 I had to have it.

Obviously I love the dress; when usually I'd shy away from such feature-sized short sleeves I'm embracing them and relishing how they look just right with the rest of the dress. The lace panel-strips are the second detail which makes the dress.

cream seventies dress with big sleevesSummer dreaming girl in countryside

If I ever renew my wedding vows I want to wear this exact outfit again and stand in this very spot, it seems just about perfect to me. Do you think so? I do.


Thanks to Glitzy Secrets for sending me such a gorgeous clip to style up

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