Mid summer at the allotment

Thursday, July 30, 2015


It's been a while since I did an allotment update, although time has flown by. As I don't get down there a fraction as much as C the plot tends to look quite different every time I do put in an appearance. That 'everything's shot up' moment happened on the Monday we got back from Latitude when I suggested we needed a few hours down there to get things back under control. Suddenly there was three times the amount of greenery on the plants we were growing as well as a large number of weeds. I was on weeding duty, of course. I took before and after pictures (not all shown) but the first shot is before which is why it looks so weedy and horrid! Also, it went from blue skies and sunny to black clouds so a couple of pictures look from a totally day.

The strawberry boom has finally finished. We have two bags in the freezer for making into jam at some point in the future. Apparently the first few raspberries are starting to ripen now so I'm looking forward to them. I'd got rather used to eating a huge portion of soft fruit on a daily basis...

The courgettes have been going great guns, too much so in fact. Our courgettes look like giant marrows and there are many of them which has led to me being somewhat creative in using it up, post of this to come maybe. The turnips have been lovely, I don't think I've really eaten many before but they have a lovely taste and have grown well. The beetroots are ready now too and I'm looking forward to trying ours. We've had a few of our potatoes too which I've enjoyed.

As a first, our cauliflowers have grown up without getting annihilated by wildlife and lurgies which has been brilliant although they are generally quite gritty and bug filled so I'm not a massive fan of them coming into the kitchen before being prepped. The broccoli seem to be fronding but without a big bushy head so we've taken snippets and eaten them. I think the runner beans and broad beans are looking like they'll be ready soon (not a massive fan of these) and the sweet corn are coming along nicely.

I'm pleased with how it's going so far.


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