Tuesday, April 08, 2014


I'm pretty sure you can take on the world wearing a leather jacket and dark sunglasses. The weather foiled my plans for looking carefree and casual by whistling up a strong breeze forcing me to walk around with a bunch of tunic in my hand to prevent the world from getting a good look at next week's washing. More encumbered than effortless, story of my life.

Dress and jacket – eBay, boots – T K Maxx, sunglasses – QD, earrings – Pretty Cute Jewellery, bracelets - gifts


Aside from taking horrendously out of focus pictures (lets call them arty) and getting my pasty white legs out I spent quite a while in the kitchen this weekend finishing the last of my smoothie recipes as well as cooking a few other things, recipes coming your way soon.

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself looking in the mirror that morning; the dark eye circles never seem to fade and I was convinced that I was looking old and tired. It does always seem to be at these very points that fate somehow kicks me up the arse by me getting ID checked as if to put me back in my place. Maybe I just look like a teen insomniac? Note to self: get more sleep! Stop burning the candle at both ends and in the middle. Easier said than done, eh?


I have so much I want to blog about lately but no time to get it all ready; I seem to be glued to my camera at the moment and less so with the photo editor. If only I could persuade Chris to run the blog jointly – him doing the hard work and me doing the fun stuff! I don't think he'll buy it, funnily enough.


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