Pan fried sea bream with bacon, onions, peas and lettuce

Thursday, April 10, 2014

pan fried sea bream with bacon peas and lettuce

As a former fish-hater I can fully understand how trying to cook use fresh fish is a major turn off for some people. FEAR NOT; there is hope for you. I want to trickle feed you my favourite ways to eat fish that I think could bring you round too. Pan fried thin fillets of fish are one of my favourites to eat; this butter basted sea bream is really tasty, not all that fishy at all. The most important thing is to serve the fish with something you really like the flavours of and lettuce peas and bacon is a true winner

This recipe is one I found after a good googling following the purchase of some sea bream, it's one from Nick Nairn but I've tweaked it a touch, the original can be found here.

Serves 2



Two large or four small fillets of sea bream. The most important thing is that they are fully prepped for you by your fishmonger so that you need only have minimal contact.

50 – 100g of smoked back bacon, chopped

A handful of shallots or small onions peeled and blanched

2 crushed cloves or garlic

2 little gem lettuce, washed and chopped

75 – 100g frozen peas

150ml chicken or vegetable stock

40ml double cream

salt pepper, olive oil, butter



Fry your bacon in a saute or non-stick frying pan until starting to go crispy then add the shallots and fry for 3 minutes before adding the garlic. Keep an eye on it and keep things moving for about 30 seconds before pouring in the chicken stock. Bring to the boil and reduce by half then add the double cream and reduce by a third.

Add the lettuce and peas and stir then pop on a low heat, checking it to ensure it doesn't burn. Add a splash more stock if it looks too thick.

To cook the fish: heat a large frying pan on a fairly hot heat with a splash of olive oil. Place the seasoned fish in skin side down for 2-4 minutes until the skin is crispy then add a knob of butter, turn the fish over for around another minute and then back on to the skin side all while basting. If the fillets are larger they may need another minute. Make sure the butter doesn't burn!

To serve, put the lettuce and pea mix on the dish then add the fish. I served ours with home grown purple sprouting broccoli.

I hope you enjoy this one, more coming soon.


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