High Rigg and St John in the vale circular walk

Thursday, October 26, 2017

This is a walk from our Pathfinder guide over High Rigg to St John in the Vale and back. The walk starts from a car park at Legburthwaite, one of the car parks for Thirlmere as it turned out so plenty of potential for all day walking should you choose. The car park was pay and display although it was free when we visited as some of the Thirlmere footpaths were closed so out of courtesy there was no charge. That's fine by me!
There was a tiny stretch of walking alongside a fast flowing road so if you are setting out with children or dogs then beware until you are through the gate of the footpath.
The initial upward walk was fine, no real struggle to be had and mostly an easy path if a little squashy underfoot in places.

Many of my pictures are out of sync here, some of these are the way back but never mind. The weather was mild, medium visibility due to low hanging cloud which sometimes turned into misty rain which wets a camera but never really hits the deck. Hence gloomy outlooks, however, the gorgeous change of colours in progress on the landscape was beautiful. The whole week was a feast for the eyes of wonderful autumn sights; it was sublime and had we been on holiday in spring instead of autumn I think the pictures would be distinctly more dull with sparse trees and an absence of colour.

The walk along the 'ridge' was flat and lovely, easy waking, pleasant views, completely empty - we didn't see anyone for at least an hour up here! There were a few rather wet spots and took a bit of getting around to avoid soggy feet but mainly it was fine.

At the end of the high part of the walk we found the descent rather steep, which would have been a nightmare trying to get back up again should the need have arisen. The youth centre and church marked the change in course; the route back was essentially following the wall which skirted the edge of the fells. Again, this was almost empty, we only passed one group coming the opposite direction and nobody else. We did pass through a sweet farm with it's own tearoom for weary walkers (I imagine it's irresistible to some!) and eventually found ourselves back to the start. 
A walk weighing in at about 5 miles which is an allround enjoyable route, none too taxing and escape from the crowds. No cows! That was one of the essentials. None of the walks we took encountered cows thankfully.
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