Shock Absorber to the rescue

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

shock aborber Active multi sports support reviewshock aborber Active multi sports support reviewshock aborber Active multi sports support reviewshock aborber Active multi sports support review

It's time to face some rather uncomfortable facts. I've not only fallen off the healthy lifestyle bandwagon; but it's rolled off a cliff without me, the wheels have buckled then it's timber chassis caught fire and burned into ashes. The smoke is stinging my eyes.
I'm standing here with a hammer in one hand, clutching a handful of nails in the other staring forlornly at a stack of wood and a copy of 'an idiots guide to building your own healthy lifestyle bandwagon'.

It's fair to say I'm a little lost.
I've never been in this position before and I'm worried.

There is one thing I do know that cheers me up about getting back in to an exercise regime and that's new kit. This time I've got super lucky and have a new sports bra to keep me pepped up (humour me). The new range from Shock Absorber are not only functional but look great too. Mine is the Active Multi Sports Support and offers a sturdy level of support for everything I get up to. A strap and clasp arrangement like this one is the first of this nature I've owned but I like it and it certainly takes away that worry of getting stuck in the bra*.

Where sports are concerned, a good sports-bra is a must. I have to say seeing a few what can only be described as 'breast mis-management episodes' in the course of running and boot camp I think sometimes women underestimate just how important a secure level of support is for activity. There are a few sights I wish I could un-see.

As a long time fan of the brand I can hand-on-heart say Shock Absorber are reliable and absolutely fulfil the brief they set out to. I've owned several of their sports bras over the years and have always been impressed with them for comfort, support and lasting. Their new range comes in a whole array of sizes from 30A to a 40HH and different levels of support. I'm usually all about maximum support, no compromises and I consider this attitude to have served me well! So whatever you're looking for in a boulder holder there's most likely something to suit you.
Shock Absorber Spring Summer 16 range now available from, Next, and

So, in the spirit of getting stuck in to working out I've got all the support I need.
*maybe we've all been there.
Hearty thank you to Shock Absorber for sending me this bra to review!

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