On the trot

Thursday, November 05, 2015

styling a tank topstyling a tank topstyling a tank top
Confession time: I wore this tank top two days on the trot. Fingers crossed the fashion police haven't picked up this petty crime; I'd rather not take a rap on the knuckles from the long arm of the law. Last weekend I was thinking about my good friend Alice (who bought me this beautiful knitted tank) and I guess in a way it made me feel a bit like she was closer by, strange as that may sound.
I've long been a fan of tanks for years. Some of my early posts have long since gone to the big recycle bin in the sky but this one from a couple of years ago is a good example, then this was the first time I styled this striped one with more colour and again with my most favourite skirt. I have got a few more that it looks like don't see the light of day nearly enough! New mission for this winter has been set.

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