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Monday, November 02, 2015

Heist best black tights review
Something a little different from me today. It all started with the tights (I'll tell you more about these later). The day was much milder than others lately which took me by surprise as I thought I'd need to dress warmly for a trip into town. I didn't know what to wear, despite my wardrobe being full of clothes, it's always the way. Too much choice I suppose. Black tights it was; then a dress? I found one that I haven't worn for ages but I couldn't get the zip done up so that was a no-no. I didn't really fancy any of the others but I did spy this top which I've been 'saving' (that daft thing when you avoid wearing something because it's too nice) and decided that it would be a good day for this. I was about to wear denim shorts but this faux leather pair sort quite literally fell into my hands while trying to find a vest top and I knew they would be perfect.
Heist best black tights reviewHeist best black tights review
When Heist got in touch to tell me about their launch for black tights I wondered why they thought they could possibly make a dent in an already busy market which is flooded with every variety of tights known to womankind. Intriguing. More still, when I read up about their claims. I kept a clear mind and soon enough a pair arrive in the post in a beautiful parcel, neatly boxed, befitting of their luxury status. This pair are the Opaque 50 denier in size medium with a high waistband.
From now on in gents you might just want to look at the pictures save I bore you with 'girl talk' about tights.
Heist best black tights reviewHeist best black tights reviewHeist best black tights review
Putting tights on gives me the fear because I've ruined at least three new pairs just putting them on either by snagging them on a nail (I'm not the best with manicures) or by hoisting too hard and ripping the waistband. Bah! So on this occasion I was careful. The first thing to say is that they fit perfectly, like they were made especially just for me. I didn't know whether to plump for a high or low waistband; the high waistband on these is so comfortable. I'm going high next time too. The band reaches my waist exactly and sits there without any encouragement. This has never happened before and took me by surprise. The band is strong and thick but with no bulk; it's and stitched onto the legs of the tights so there is a join but it's unnoticeable. So the band itself is smooth and doesn't twist round. There are none of those annoying thick stitch bands to the very tops of the leg which sometimes end up on show if you wear short shorts (and looks odd), it's consistent the whole way up to the waistband. I didn't realise there were seams at the toes until I had a look. I couldn't feel them at all and you can't see them when you wear them.
Heist best black tights reviewHeist best black tights review
The fabric of the tights themselves is wonderfully stretchy but firm. Zero saggy, baggy, Nora Batty moments. I was impressed and have to concur that these most definitely live up to their claims of being revolutionary tights! Of course, they do cost more than your average pair of off-the-shelf tights. At £22 these are the most expensive tights I've ever worn but I have to quantify that these, to me, are absolutely worth the price tag. The range starts at £19 for the low waistband sheer 30 tights.
I'm just sad that every other pair of tights I wear over winter is going to compare so unfavourably now!
Many thanks to Heist for sending me these tights to review. I'm in love.

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