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Thursday, November 26, 2015

wearing a red dress in autumnwearing a red dress in autumn

The odd few warmer days are giving rise to the last few autumn outfits before the full blown Michelin-man style of layering up begins. This dress is one I bought on a whim; it was in a charity shop window being worn by a mannequin and took me by surprise. It's virtually unheard of for me to buy something on display as such... the only other time I can recall was a pretty Monsoon dress which I gave back to charity without ever wearing as it really didn't suit my skin tone. That was rather amusing (I was egged on by Hazel) as the shop assistant tried to wrestle the dress off the mannequin for quite a while before realising that undoing the zip would make the world of difference.

wearing a red dress in autumnwearing a red dress in autumn

Although this red number is a couple of sizes too big, it's technically the best fit as I enjoyed it a little roomy and just gathered the waist in with a leather belt to add a little more shaping to the silhouette. While I rather love the almost military feeling lace sleeve caps, I can't say the same for the asymmetric stitching to the body. Anything asymmetric gives me an uncomfortable feeling which I can't concisely explain but usually I try to avoid anything on the wonk. (or as we say on Norfolk, 'on the huh').

wearing a red dress in autumnwearing a red dress in autumn

As I'm getting older I'm feeling so much more relaxed about wearing less make up. I haven't put on anything on my skin for months now, instead just opting for eyeliner, mascara and something balmy for my lips. I still feel like me; the rustic version but I consider that to be my style.

wearing a red dress in autumnwearing a red dress in autumn

Neat idea wearing white tights in the countryside, Sophie. They won't get mud splatters up the calves...

Do you feel like you're growing in to your own style?


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  1. Great find. I did chuckle at the mannequin memory, zips do make things much easier don't they ;o)
    Love the shoulder detail and the colour but most of all I like the long cosy looking sleeves. I can't stand a sleeve that sits above the wrist *shudders*
    I feel like I'm constantly refining my style, it shifts and sways depending on my mood but I feel more comfortable with it than I have done before, but as I get older I find I'm wearing more base make up to create the illusion of a good nights sleep!

  2. Gorgeous outfit, I love it!!

    I have a new outfit post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

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  3. Oooh, isn't it striking!!!! You look truly beautiful in.this!!! The lace is an inspired touch! Yes, I don't have time for makeup. Plus, when I think to wear it, I realise that my Concealer has run out etc!!! Eyeliners galore though, just need to wear them!!!
    Yes, white tights Sophie- 10/10 for brain engagement!;-)
    Thanks to you and Mr W-C for your like, I can't see who had liked but I can see where it says, x, y and z plus 174 others have liked...and saw his name!!x

  4. Love the little lace epaulettes :)

    It fascinates me when people talk about their 'personal style' - I really wish I had an idea of what mine was :\

  5. You remind me of Alice (...in wonderland that is!) in these photos. Red suits you Sophie x x x


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