Christmas festivities

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas festivities

For us, Christmas starts on the first of December when we put the decorations up, get the tree and get into the festive spirit. This year the first fell on a Tuesday which was all wrong so we dived in on November 29th to ensure that we didn't miss out on any days of Christmassy fun. It appears we were one of the few households to take this approach as we had the pick of the Christmas trees to ourselves that afternoon.
This year we bought our tree from a new place, one that I'd seen a sign for during the week which filled me with excitement. In previous successive years much to our chagrin we'd frequented our local large home/garden chain store as they were the only dependable real tree retailer we could find. From now on we're going back to the lovely independent farm for a fabulous selection of healthy, bushy trees and a much lighter heart. We found the perfect one; tall, bushy, bright and fresh. After getting it bagged and squeezing it into the car C took care of trimming it at home and then as a team effort we got it put up and finished.
Christmas festivities

We've been indulging in some Christmassy eats and treats too; making sausage rolls of the plain, mustard and pickle kind. Far too tasty and moreish. A terrible attempt at rationing only ends in disaster! I've enjoyed a little mulled cider (a premix from boxes we picked up on the cheap at Tesco in summer, best buy in ages!) and I've bought some mincemeat and pastry so mince pies could be in production any time soon. As a personal preference I am a fan of puff pastry mince pies, they are far superior in desirability in my eyes. All hopes of baking gingerbread has been abandoned this year, but maybe next year I'll get myself in gear.

Advent calendars are always a must! Sadly, our Thorntons ones are a real disappointment as the chocolate tastes like cheap rubbish. Mine is the Gruffalo, C has The Snowman and the Snow Dog.
Christmas festivities

We bought a hyacinth off the market and as I've been watching it so intently it seems not to have grown at all (though looking at this picture it has been, slowly)

Christmas festivities

Christmas festivities

Our pilgrimages to Dalegate Market and Elveden Estate have been made which are so fun and festive. Both are great for picking up lovely local produce and gifts for loved ones.
The wrapping has commenced, parcels have (just) been posted, I've sent most of the cards which don't need letters inside. Watching of Christmas films and specials is well underway and I'm immersing myself in festive tunes to relish them as best I can.

How is your Christmas shaping up?

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