Wintry showers and snow

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

wintry showers in Norfolk
Ah, the classic from the weather forecasting lexicon; 'wintry showers'.
Some variety of cold precipitate will fall from the sky and the chances are that it won't be that gorgeous fluffy snow that we're all keeping our fingers crossed for.
Last weekend we had a little bit of everything. I got up early to creep outside to scrutinize what state the garden was in after the cold, cold night. The leaves confirmed that a minute amount of snow had fallen; the grass itself was largely frost free so I'm reasonably assured it was snow. I suspect that it would have gone unnoticed by everyone but the most observant; the forecasts all announced snow but waking up without even a dusting to show for the night was a little deflating.
wintry showers in Norfolkwintry showers in Norfolkwintry showers in Norfolk
Hail on the other hand is unmistakable, especially when you happen to be caught in an isolated storm. I was particularly grateful to be wearing my hooded waterproof coat to keep me dry, the trees offered precious little protection now that the leaves have fallen.
wintry showers in Norfolkwintry showers in Norfolk
We strolled. Down muddy, puddle-ridden tracks. The rain came and went and came once more. We turned for home before long, saving ourselves the misery.

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