Layering, the importance of

Monday, December 14, 2015

the importance of layering
Word of the moment is 'layering'; don't forget it boys and girls, for a successful strategy means the difference between being comfortably cosy and freezing your bits off on a cold day. Always start with a thermal vest (trust me!) nobody's going to see it. Then add a short or long sleeved top and as much as you want after that. I love wearing shirts and blouses over Autumn and Winter so wearing a long sleeved top underneath is fab as your arms are kept warm enough. Another prime opportunity to wear a knitted tank top is not to be missed; this grey one works with so much it really is a hard working piece in my winter wardrobe.
the importance of layering

the importance of layering

This winter I'm keen to ensure I don't lapse back into just jeans with a variety of different jumpers which I have been prone to doing in the past. There is nothing wrong with jeans at all, but as I've built up a collection of cold weather-appropriate dresses, skirts and shorts I would rather like to get some use out of them. It's easy to put off wearing certain things when in fact you'd feel better wearing what you originally had in mind. Dressing up in pretty clothes rarely fails to lift your mood.
honey bee necklace from Nova Silver

Still wearing my cute little honey bee necklace from Nova Silver! Love it so much.
the importance of layering

Thermal tights, walking boots and a warm coat (coat unseen, else this would have just been a post featuring coat and boots. Whisked the coat off for a quick few pictures!).

Are you a habitual layer-er like me?

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