Lean on me

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Tapestry skirt and a yellow tank

Lean on me.

A strong tree, a rock, a friend.

Lean on me; rest a while, gather your strength and thoughts.

The weight of the world may drain your energy but stay to replenish.

When the path ahead is unclear, spend time to survey the landscape. Don't rush.

I'm not going anywhere; with a sturdy trunk to cling to, roots stand me firm and my branches provide shelter and shade.

Tapestry skirt and a yellow tankTapestry skirt and a yellow tankTapestry skirt and a yellow tank

This almost tapestry skirt was an obvious choice for a murky day out in Tideswell, Derbyshire a couple of weeks back. We headed out for Sunday lunch at The Royal Oak at Hurdlow near Bakewell (the food was lovely but they were very busy, definitely book) then while it stayed dry took a walk through Tideswell Dale. More pictures to come in due course.


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