Le festive jumper

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas jumper festive knit

Christmas jumper festive knit

My very first festive jumper! I feel like this is a real moment to savour;one of those milestones reached and a point from which things may never be the same again. To my delight I stumbled across this distinctly jolly knitted Christmas jumper in a charity shop for a mere £3.50. Whilst Joe Public was out basking in the last rays of summer sun, I was squirrelling away my finds for winter. This beauty is going to come out year after year for a good spot of cheery advent fun.

Christmas jumper festive knit

Christmas jumper festive knit

We walked on the beach in weather more akin to late summer this weekend; at 15 degrees C it was absurdly mild and was it not for the salty coastal breeze it would have felt warm. With the occasional tide of glittering sand flowing across the beach's surface and lazily setting sun it had a special feel to the place. Wells is always a favourite place, not least when it's so quiet and special.
Not a traditional festive activity but it felt perfect just putting one foot in front of another across sands that reached beyond the horizon. Hair blowing all around and a slightly sandy feeling round my toes. Holding hands.


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