Pillar box red

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

pillar box red jumper
Well, this morning was the first frost of the season for us here in Norfolk. Brrr! It certainly feels cold out. At the weekend it was much more mild, but these days layering is still a must. Vest weather. 
My winter wardrobe mostly consists of shirts, tanks and jumpers with all types of skirt. My uniform, if you like. To my mind, it's not possible to own too many jumpers. I need all colours, sizes and weights. This red one from Zara is a lovely shade of red, which I shall dub 'pillar box red'.  
pillar box red jumper

pillar box red jumper
My favourite skirt! I'm so glad I made the effort to mend it when it developed a bit of a large rip. I will forever be bringing it out for a twirl over winter.
pillar box red jumper

pillar box red jumper
Stay cosy!

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