The allotment in late autumn and looking forwards

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Allotment in late autumn
The last month has been a quiet one at the allotment. In fact I've not written about it for over three months now and last time we were already ploughing up the empty patches. Funny, because I feel like I talk about it all the time but apparently I don't.
Contrary to expectation, some of the flowers I planted back in spring were still in flower; the mixed assortment of 'cottage garden flowers' offering some much appreciated blooms and the one sweetpea which has grown into a tall and wonderful flowering beauty with the last few pink fronds ending with the first frost. Next year I'm hoping the rest follow suit! I had to pull out the dwindling annuals to make way for bulbs. It did need a tidy.
Allotment in late autumn

As the orchard/flower half plot has suffered at the hands (or teeth) of tyrannical rabbits we coordinated with our plot share neighbours to put in gates, move the fence and seal up the plot in the hope that it will solve the issues to provide a secure growing area. The three gates in total were sourced second hand and miraculously were a great bargain! Two are up (what a faff) and the third will have to be done at some point but is of less importance as it connects our two plots. At one point of things going not so well I did comment that it would have made more sense to pay someone to do it for us. C, looking confused, pointed out that it would be less fun. That threw me as I wasn't having fun at all. Goes to show how everyone is different and relishes completely different aspects of things. Give me a weedy bed to tidy and I'l merrily set about that but if a fence needs popping in, I'd rather make myself scarce and re-surface until it's all done.
Allotment in late autumn
C put togther an excellent manure store with some pallets which is where we plan to rot down horse manure so that we have our own supply of the good stuff. It looks nice and tidy and hasn't taken up too much space considering. I jut hope it wont be too smelly!
Allotment in late autumn
Did I mention the flower bed we have put in with the couple of paths? It happened a good few weeks ago and I cannot remember if I already wrote about it somewhere. The edging and posts were a bit fiddly but now that it's done I feel like I'm on track for flowers next year. I'm gradually filling the paths with stone as it reveals itself on the plot - it's good to make use of the surplus in the ground.

This weekend I finally got round to digging over the empty orchard beds before planting the spring bulbs which have been patiently waiting in a box and crying out to be planted. To be honest, I'd been struggling to want to organise myself for 2017 and set things in stone - I'm a ditherer and don't really like to think of committing to a whole year so quickly....
Allotment in late autumn

Allotment in late autumn

I had a word with myself and made lists. I sketched plans. I googled. I checked my book.
Finally I got myself on to Sarah Raven as Mum holds her in high esteem for flowers. The site is amazing and got me inspired to commit, though I did add all my choices to wishlist before making the bold move to buying the lot. Now that I've received the dispatch notice I'm feeling so excited for spring! It's funny but now that it's all complete I feel at ease and more relaxed about things. It will be good to read up about planting and growing so many new flowers this year. It's daunting but I must remember that it's a hobby so isn't worth stressing over. Though I do find that I put myself under pressure on these occasions without even noticing.

A few remaining winter crops are still around; cabbages, leeks, sprouts, celeriac, swede... Artichoke and some self seeding beans but there's not too much.
Allotment in late autumn

That's about lot for the moment although I could waffle on all day. I'll put it on ice and continue in mid winter.

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