Healthy haul from Holland and Barrett

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

When a heavy box arrived for me with all these goodies in I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Seriously, this has to be the best parcel to arrive, ever! I have my swap buddy Natalie to thank (from the Blonde Ethos ) and Holland and Barrett for such an amazing selection of treats. You can read about why Natalie chose these items for me  but I'll talk you through what I received. Want to know what I chose to send to Natalie? I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago.
Natalie has done a sterling job of buying things that I KNOW I'll get plenty of use from and that are suitably matched to my preferences and lifestyle.
Healthy and energising snacks:
Nakd bars galore! 9 bar, and Trek brownie – These have been brilliant, I've been tucking in to these like no tomorrow and I just have one bar left now which is sad.
Bounce protein balls – I put these down in a similar category as the Nakd bars: they are whey protein with added bits. The coconut and macadamia variety was my favourite, deeelicious.
Bear Yo-yo fruit snacks – these are scrummy and we especially loved the pineapple variety.
Reaching for snacks to fill a gap is something I often find myself doing and all of these have been things that I would classify as a good choice – both wholesome and filling.
Something sweet:
The Gin gin ginger sweets were rather too good and after a short-lived battle to eat my fair share before Chris nobbled them all we had to admit defeat and buy another box (also now demolished).
Wholesome foods:
Green lentils, rye flakes, chia seeds, sunflower seeds
All things coconut:
Varieties of coconut water – I have drunk the acai and pomegranate flavour which wasn't bad!
Coconut milk – Sounds great, I'll use it in porridge I think!
Coconut oil – this isn't with me just yet but I think it's on it's way. I already have some in my cupboard but I really should use it more as it is a particularly versatile oil.
Lingfords super foods sachets – These are a lovely little variety selection box of ground nuts and seeds which I've been popping into porridge along with fresh fruit.
Cashew & Almond smooth nut butters – Oh my goodness, these are amazing. I've been tucking into both. These are great with carrot sticks and on rye crackers and my favourite; plain brown rice crackers. It looks grim but tastes so good, you have to believe me!
Popping corn is something I haven't really got into before – digging into a box of the sweetened stuff at the cinema is the only time I've really chosen to eat. Are you meant to eat it plain? It doesn't sound all that tempting, but then again adding a load of sugar sounds far too naughty. I'll reserve judgement.
The set honey looks great, I love honey so this is perfect for me and my sweet tooth. Maybe I should pop some on the popping corn?
The whey protein is something I'm going to try soon when I get back to strength training. Things have been a little up in the air the last few weeks and it's definitely put me off my stride but I hope to get back into a regular routine soon.
Beauty essentials:
Purity cleanser: I am about to start this, it sounds like it's right up my street.
Burts Bees lipbalms: I've been using the original one since it arrived and adore it! My lips are in much better condition already!
Last but not least are the Echinacea drops which are exactly what I need (as I can't swallow tablets – rubbish I know) so when I get the first hint of getting a cold I can fight it as best I can. Fingers crossed for avoiding the lurgies from now on!

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