Blue sky days

Friday, July 27, 2018

For the first time in weeks we took a wonderful mid morning wander by the river once we'd completed enough chores to cut a little slack before lunchtime so it made a lovely break to dust off my camera and enjoy some quality time. This buddleja was a proper magnet for butterflies; even during the minute I lingered alongside it yielded a fair crop of flutterbies so maybe later this year I'll make it a thing to hang out for a good long time to snap away to my heart's delight. This comma was lovely to watch, I snapped it mid air before it settled.     
The colour mix of the blue sky, purple flowers and green leaves is one I find most pleasing to look at. Then add a cute little orange silhouette for a perfect summer image.

Peacock butterflies are so distinctive which makes them a welcome sight to even the rank amateur wildlife enthusiast.
Above: small white?
Below: I'm sticking my neck out and saying male small skipper.

 It's a speckled wood; they're everywhere now.

It's a bit of a gauntlet if you're walking down a path lined with ripe seed-heads while wearing lip balm and the breeze just starts up. Gulp.

Meadowsweet sounds like something which ought to drown the summer air in rich scent but I've never detected anything from it at all. Have you had more luck?
Aha, another weekend rolls around. Get out there while you can. A commitment-free weekend is a gem of a gift, hold it tight and get the most pleasure out of it as you can.

Oh and thank you for the lovely messages you left me after my last couple of posts. I know I've no obligation to knock out a constant stream of content but it does make me happy to do so. It's health first, happiness a close second and here's to a brilliant rest of summer. Join me as and when I check back in. Take care,

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