Daring to dream

Friday, July 06, 2018

I'll put my hands up right this instant and declare this to be the least Sophie-like post in the history of this blog but for the moment, just for this one tiny droplet of time I'm daring to dream.
The mood of the country is buoyant (for once), we're riding a wave of success and I'm getting swept up in it with unabashed joy. Can we win the World Cup? Yes! Football is coming home!
I can't wait to watch the match on Saturday and cheer us on. Come on England! We can do it. For the first time in a generation we're within touching distance of possibility. The hopes of a nation rest on the shoulders of the squad.
I'm daring to dream, just for once.
Take care,

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  1. At least it's a nice dream, fingers, toes and everything crossed , have a great weekend .

  2. I feel it too. I don't normally taker much notice but this time it does feel different. And for the team the backing of their fans is hugely important, and I can't help but feel this has made, in some small part, a difference to their performance this time around.
    Looking forward to watching on Saturday!

  3. I feel exactly the same - really looking forwards to tomorrow.



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