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Monday, July 02, 2018

While I am an excellent sleeper - give me two minutes and I'm off - I've been having bad dreams lately which leave me feeling stressed and tired in the morning. Sometimes they're an obvious nasty one like being taken prisoner but other times it can be mundane things that I don't like or the exhaustiveness of something.
I don't know what can help to shape a better and more uplifting sort of dream - if anything but it feels like my dreams only drag me down lately. I don't even remember the last time I enjoyed a dream, even the ones with Lincoln either revolve around him morphing into different animals or being attacked.
Have you got any good suggestions?
Take care,

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  1. I’ve just found a decafiniated tea with herbs and nutmeg from Yorkshire Tea called bedtime brew make like normal tea but does seem to work for me, I sleep badly always have done but makes what I do get better ;-) at the moment you can only buy it from Morrison’s till they expand

  2. Ooh, that is horrible! I sympathise. I am not the best of sleepers but I tend to have ok dreams though I did have some exhausting bad dreams this weekend, just when I desperately needed sleep. Would Lavender on your pillow or a cup of non-sugared cocoa help at all?

  3. Sorry to hear this, bad dreams can be so upsetting. When I wasn't sleeping well I used Sleep Balm from Lush, it helped me to go to sleep and stay asleep, but I can't say what it would do for dreams.
    Is there anything worrying you in your waking life, that could be a trigger?
    Hope it's resolved soon

  4. Hi Sophie,
    Don't know if you'll even read this as it's a few days old,I don't come on here much there days,sometimes just to post the odd thing of where I'v been,and sometimes like today to catch up with my favourites.
    So sorry to hear this,especially when you give out so much goodness to others
    If the diet and other thing don't work,and if it continues,will you try the Solfeggio frequencies.
    Ancient in origin,they are now recognised and backed by science,there are six original frequencies and I listen to them every day,each one benefits a different part of you both mental and physical.
    The best one,the one I have,is called sound medicine by anima,don't take my word for it,type in Solfeggio music into Amazon and read the 50+ give star reviews,it takes some getting used to buy near with it,the second track,417 hz will drive out whatever negativity is infecting your dreams,it sounds stupid but it works,I would love to have sent you a copy to try if I could.
    Hope the bad dreams stop whether you try the Solfeggios or not,you bring so much of a feelgood factor to others you deserve it too.
    Take care and love to you both and Lincoln.
    Pete x


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