The return of Sophie

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

My, my, my. Hasn't it been an age? In all the years (and years) I've been blogging there has never been such an absence of posts. The past few months have been incredibly busy with life, work and the allotment which has left my energy depleted by the middle of the evening. Instead of firing up the laptop and getting a post edited and falling asleep with it burning into my thighs I pick up a book and get a few chapters read before calling it a night and flopping into bed. There's been so much I would have liked to have shared but it was healthier just to switch off instead of pushing myself on imaginary deadlines. 

What to wear in these sizzling temperatures has been tricky though when everyone else is in the same clammy boat it ceases to matter much anymore. Loose dresses are a winner.

Did I mention about this bag in spring? I binned my mint green one which was worn out and bought this one as it's replacement which has been my walking/allotment/festival bag. Small enough to be light but big enough to store all the bits and bobs I need. Except a bottle of water (which is the new must-have accessory this summer).
Maybe this is the start of a more consistent stream of posts but perhaps not. I don't want to feel committed. But I would like to return to the 5 days a week routine sometime soon.
In the mean time, take care.

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  1. Great to see you back, lovely photos so much greenery ,nice dress . It must be hard work for you both in the allotment
    with all this dry weather . But it is great to have a nice summer and we must make the most of it.

  2. Take it at your own pace, remember it's YOUR blog so only write what you want when you want to! :)

  3. It is great to see a new post and your photographs.

    Looking after your own wellbeing is more important than posting 5 times a week. I have driven myself into the ground trying to do everything, and fully appreciate where you are coming from.

    You are an excellent “word smith” and give a lot of people pleasure reading your bloggs. You are probably one of your own worst critics, and anyone who complains about you reducing blogging rate is thinking of themselves and not you.

    Look after yourself first.

    Have a great week.

  4. Welcome back, I did wonder where you'd got to. I agree with everything Kevin has written, it's your blog, write when you have the time, otherwise the enjoyment will fade.

  5. I did miss your posts Sophie - hope everything in 'real life' is going OK!


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