Of wing or root

Monday, July 30, 2018

Good morning everyone and welcome to a brand new week. I've enjoy the past 48 hours immensely, despite the ominous threats of thunder and downpours which made for a little lottery every time we ventured out. The camera has been in use although these shots are from last weekend.

As usual it was tricky to think what to title this post as; with over 1000 in the stash you tend to start covering the same ground again and again! Most of these shots contain either winged or rooted beauties so that's what I've settled on this time. It did made me pause for a second and think about myself. I'm rooted, deeply rooted in my ways and the thought of free and easy flight is so far fetched. A creature of routine, certainty and familiarity. But those which flit and fly at whim are something to marvel at. Such opposites.
Bittersweet berries and bindweed.

A gatekeeper and a bee

A lot of growing ducklings!
Purple loosestrife.

Hemp agrimony is in bloom prolifically which does add a gorgeous dusky pink dusting to the landscape.

More purple loosestrife and maybe chickweed?

Great willowherb and it's pointy cousin rosebay willowherb are flowering with their familiar pink blooms.
Speckled wood.
This bee seemed to give it'self a curious exfoliation on the nettle leaves. I didn't really understand why.

Seeds blowing in the breeze.

Pineappleweed above. Crush and sniff it for yourself.

Water mint

Are you of wing or of root?
Take care,

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