Nobody mention extra time

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Oh my goodness! I'm absolutely fuming that in those extra 5 minutes injury time Columbia scored to bring us level. I won't recount the language I used but the arir turned blue. In a similar vein I'm sporting a blue dress here. It's unrelated.
Would you believe how the game went? I'm trying to write this at the start of extra time. I've lost track of how the rules work, is it 15 minutes more and 'see where we're at'?
I've consumed 3.5 bottles of Arrowaine which is unchartered territory but considering the water consumption too I suspect my bladder may be tested tonight.
 Oooh wheat ripening.

 It's been blue skies for weeks, is this the summer of years past?

My tan is shaping up to be one of the greats. Earned through outoor toil; we've not visited the seaside once. My swimwear remains bundled away in probably the same bag as the thermal walking trousers. A bag seldom ransacked.

What a dirty, dirty game some of these teams play. Utterly shameful. Why wasn't that headbutt a red card? The VAR has failed to give us the justice it clearly should have. What a let down.

Football's coming home!
Take care,

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  1. But miraculously we won!!! I was playing for CBC's school concert but one of the students was watching on their own at the end & told me about the penalty shoot out!! Nice dress! I love Navy-blue patterned!

  2. Love the fact you were doing the blog with all the excitement of the footy, well done. Nice dress.

  3. I watched until the penalties, and then I watched from behind a cushion. There were some dirty tactics going on but I think the our team did well not to retaliate too much. VAR has been helpful in some games but it hasn't helped us much, which game was it where Keen was wrestled to the ground more than once? Shocking.
    Anyway, love that dress. And yes, this does feel like the summers I remember from my childhood, adnd may it continue (with a little rain, at night, for the farmers).


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