How summer went by

Thursday, September 19, 2019

I'm not saying summer has been and gone just yet - at least I have high hopes for another fortnight of an Indian Summer, but for the purpose of attempting to keep some sort of rhythm with seasonal wishlists it would help to recap what's been happening over the last three months.
Back in June I made some framework of plans:

  • Festival to our hearts' content - done! Latitude was another triumph and a local day out was lovely.
  • Go to the beach - yes, we managed it the once for an afternoon of reading on a gritty beach towel, uncomfortably sunblocked up, fending of sand beasties.
  • Harvest allotment produce when it's ready - it's been plentiful!
  • Eat an ice cream - I had one in May, I hope that will count. I did really want another but the opportunities never quite presented themselves.
  • Get myself back on track with a balanced lifestyle mindset - overall yes. Still, I feel like once the dark evenings set it it's less of a tussle for time as we can't be outdoors anyway.
  • Write letters to whom they are owed - Fail! I feel like a dreadful penpal. I really do want to sort these out asap but with quality letters and not a hastily scratched botch.
  • Forage more! We have outdone ourselves this year and I want to write more about what's been happening.
  • Pick flowers from the cutting patch and display in vases - Virtually none. I just haven't felt like picking any, my heart's not been in it.
  • Keep the allotment, flower patch and garden tidy - On the whole, I'm pleased with how this has gone. It's been much better than it could have been though I would obviously like it closer to 'perfect' than it has got at any stage.
  • Keep tending the wildflower patch - Well, yes and this has been reluctantly. I'll have to write about how it's gone this year. (Note the past tense).
It won't be long before I compile the plans for Autumn but I just don't feel ready to let go of the summer spirit yet.

Take care,

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