It started with a verge

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Don't you find those wildlife verges fascinating? I love to see them of course, but cannot understand why they have to be the exception and not the norm. There was a lovely verge duly labelled as being for conservation and I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures of it. Being late summer there wasn't an abundance of blooms; mainly toadflax, knapweed and grass. I spotted a couple of scabious flowers too but wondered what had come and gone already?

White campion.
Another patch left to go wild, how lovely.

Sorry, but bindweed can be so pretty.

Unsure if either of these are wild or the seed has just been relocated from gardens.

Heading towards blackberry picking season.
Two lots of wildflower/seedheads I cannot yet identify.

Where had these hollyhocks appeared from?! Rather out of place!
White bryony smothering another structure. They do look dainty, draped over bushes with those delicate little white flowers.
Must do things with crab apples this autumn!

I exclaimed 'coltsfoot!' upon seeing this. Not many weeks later I found fleabane. Just to check I googled both and confused myself - they look the same?! I've confused myself a little.
Forget me not

Seed heads all over now.

Take care,

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