Amongst the knapweed

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

When I opened the folder for September to review my photographs I was surprised to find only tumbleweed blowing through it. My trusty camera has not snapped a sausage since late August, although has been for a couple of fruitless rides in the car. It's been a lean time for outings* lately for one reason or another. Naturally, I have oodles on my phone as always, around 300 most of which are out of focus flowers. But when time is tight some things take a back seat. This outfit dates back to late July and were somehow forgotten until now. I suppose I haven't felt especially presentable lately.
*Or more precisely, outings to photograph

This dress was a charity shop find possibly in spring, I like the relaxed cut, stretchy bust and volume of material. The tiny flowers are only visible up close, from a distance it looks either grey or dotted. It's a long midi, short maxi which although isn't my 'thing' is something that can be overlooked in balance to it's pros. I did wear a grey vest to beneath as thin straps don't cover bra straps, plus it added a little layer for warmth on what wasn't a hot day.
It wasn't a roasting summer by any means.

The jacket was a charity shop buy last year and had been hanging n the coat hook most of summer. This will be something drawn on for years to come so I don't feel the need to wear it lots just to justify the purchase.

Back when knapweed was in plentiful bloom.

Take care,

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