Opportunity knocks

Friday, December 20, 2019

Wow, we've reached the last Friday before Christmas and while I'd love to say I'm off until next year it's more a case of see what happens. This outfit dates all the way back to the cusp of November/December when we went out to the farm to pick up our Christmas tree. It was a cold day and I was pleased at the opportunity to wear my hat, scarf and gloves for our festive activity without overheating. This dress was one I bought from Kezzie's sale a while ago which is suitable for winter layering and suits tights and boots.

I sewed the hat into a better state of repair earlier in the year, finally. Perfect for saving me from a bad hair day.

 In a rare turn of events you may notice that my nails are painted. I picked up a dark plum and a teal with the intention of feeling dressed up for Christmas events. In typical Sophie style I had to trial it, chipped it badly all over, repainted and then after a day or two it was ruined again. Took the whole lot off, except the stubborn residue that clung to my dry skin. Ran out of time to paint my nails for the Christmas do and back to square one.
But I hope to do better this weekend (I wouldn't hold your breath).
 My lovely boots I swear I'll get re-soled every year then completely forget.
I'm hoping to pop up a post Monday but we shall see. In case I don't, then I wish you a very merry Christmas!

Take care,

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