The shortest day

Monday, December 23, 2019

Yesterday we took a spontaneous ride out to the coast. Previously arranged plans had fallen through and we found ourselves with a day to spent however we pleased. Due to the sheer volume of rainfall recently almost everywhere is either partially underwater or saturated through so it did pose a bit of a dilemma knowing where to go. It was C that suggested the coast.
I changed into some suitable trousers, camera, hat, scarf and gloves then declared myself ready to roll.
Being a miserable day, with rain in the air and grey clouds hanging overhead the crowds were non-existent which is worth noting because if Boxing Day or New Years Day also dawns that miserable the place would be packed regardless.
Even on a mild day you can usually count on a cold breeze to nippy things up a fair bit, which was true yesterday. My hat with long ear flaps and tassels worked it's magic in keeping my ears warm enough which is all I ask.

 Sea buckthorne berries everywhere. I guess the coastal birdies don't favour these.

 Due to our shelter from the dunes soon expiring we took a left and headed into the woods. It was eerily empty, light and spacious. Usually woodland is brimming with undergrowth and is shaded by the canopy but not here. Quite an odd atmosphere. I lost my bearings after a very short space of time so it was fortunate that C had kept a good grasp of our direction.

C pointed out these berries and with what little we had to go on I will plump for privet, but I may be a long way out.

The feather caught in the bark drew my attention. These pine trees had such textured trunks.

 Mind your step.
 Bright spindle.
 Curious mosses.

Droplets hanging everywhere. Rain never too far away.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! I hope to post up the habitual favourite pictures of the year in the coming days then start the New Year off with some resolutions.

Take care,

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