Looking back at Autumn

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

In amongst all the festive hubbub Autumn drew to a close and Winter opened it's doors. Back in October I set out a wishlist of things to do in the season which encompassed most of the outdoor activities I could think of, so here's a round up of how we got on.

Forage elderberries, rose hips, sweet chestnuts, crab apples, blackberries, sloes, plums and whatever else we can make use of 

Yes, we got at least one batch of all of these. Plums were the only maybe as we found some hedgerow fruit that weren't identifiable - most likely a hybrid of some kind. Plum-my. 

Make crumbles, country wines, jams, syrups and infusions

I found the best crumble recipe in the world and made copious crumble. C discovered a love for making pies and general experimental baking. Country wines are maturing for sampling next year... I made rosehip syrup and crab apple jellies. Infusing damsons and sloes in gin. Standard.

Photograph the changing landscape

Of course, goes without saying really. There were oodles of pictures of the leaves changing. 

Plan for Christmas, arrange festivities, buy and make thoughtful gifts

Christmas went smoothly, thank goodness. We did have a lot (for us) of pre-Christmas things to do and attend which mostly went well. There was certainly a lot of celebrating and indulgence into the seasonal joys. The making of gifts has been executed and I'll report further on that in the new year. 

Write about the good things we get up to 

I probably did.

Swap my wardrobe around and sort through clothes to part with what I no longer can wear

There wasn't as much parted with as I would have liked. Essentially most shirts and trousers are too tight and need to go but I don't like buying anything new on demand so I'm kidding myself that once I get back in shape they will fit and I can wear them which although is true, it always seems like a 'next season' possibility.

Pot up winter plants for the front door

I did, they looked lovely; tiny viola heads in coppers and purples which were starting to establish when the village deer rolled up and munched off all the flowerheads. The plants, apart from one, remain in the pots so have potential to re-flower. Venison pie anyone?

Plant tulips and spring bulbs

These are in pots, some just poking through the surface now.

Continue to harvest remaining allotment produce, store or use

It's been a slower time for harvesting. The last of the carrots came up for Christmas. There remains sprouts, parsnip, leeks, celeriac and swede growing. 

Make soups and casseroles

All the soup, none of the casserole.

Tidy allotment, flower patch, greenhouse and garden but not over-tidy - remember wildlife

I don't think I can be accused of being over-tidy.

Plan uplifting times out- meals, walks, events

These were all Christmas related. A trip to the cinema was a delight and I want to go more often. 

Take care,

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