A certain atmosphere

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

The opportunities have arisen recently to get posts completed and scheduled which has filled me with such pleasure. It's rare to get things finished ahead of time, but I love to see lots of good work all packaged up and neat, ready to go. Those dark evenings do have a few benefits.
It's a misfire of a shot, which for no good reason looks misty but I happen to think it adds a certain atmosphere.
Those coppery ferns look so soft and comfortable. Perfect for a nap maybe?
This skirt has an odd mix of red and blue. I found it does look predominantly red unless the blue is emphasised so this jumper did a decent job of evening up the appearance.
Even for an avoider of all social activities, December is a busy month for me. It's all a whirl of festive food, festivities, cards and present wrapping. There has to be as much joy milked out of Christmas as possible (this year especially). No carol left unsung and no occasion not hammed up to the max with a Christmas jumper.
Take care,

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