Meadow saxifrage - the narrow window

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

My springtime search for meadow saxifrage has finally borne fruit. It was years ago that I first discovered it and took a few photographs which I found to be some of my favourites, yet subsequent visits to similar areas have not been successful for further sightings. It was a couple of weeks ago when I ventured to the very same location as I first found the flowers that to my delight I saw them again but this time hundreds more! How delightful.

They really are a very pretty and dainty flower, more of something fit for a display than just heathland scrub.

All growing in with the grass, buttercups, speedwell and ribwort plantain. 
In a brief respite from the downpours at the weekend we found ourselves out there again. This time not a sniff of my darling meadow saxifrage. I'm drawing the conclusion that they have a very short flowering window and so I might well have only missed them by days before but there would be no trace they had ever been there.

I'm feeling even luckier to have caught them at their prime this spring.
Take care,

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