Rose petal gin

Friday, June 05, 2020

It's no secret that I love anything rose scented. For the last few years I have used dog roses from the hedgerows to make rose petal jam which has become a gem of our store cupboard. Having read up more on roses, it's interesting that all rose petals are edible, providing they ARE genuine rose family. Some plants have rose in the name and most definitely aren't so do not be fooled. 
Anyway, we have a few fantastic rose bushes in the garden and the pink ones are prolific, I believe it's a hybrid tea rose. The shade of colour would not be of my choosing however, I'm appreciative of it nevertheless. As there are just so many I gathered lots of fresh petals and popped them in a kilner, added a tablespoon of sugar and topped it up with gin. I give it a shake and left it 24 hours. By the time I came to strain it the gin was a beautiful reddish amber and the petals were devoid of colour and all floating at the top.
I had a try and it's quite strong but strangely, gins seem to get better after a while even though there's no logical reason. 
The bush is still full, even though I took another lot off for making rose petal jam too. I'm getting good service from it already!

Are you tempted to make anything rosy?

Take care,

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