Jumpering in summer

Friday, June 12, 2020

This week has felt like a bit of a slog. The miserable weather combined with a hectic work schedule has left me feeling heavy and gloomy to be honest and I'm longing for a weekend outdoors in the dry, if not sunshine, to get myself feeling back on track with summer. If I get plenty of allotment weeding done and a nice walk without a coat then that will restore me, I'm sure. Last weekend, however, we dodged the worst of the rain for a wander, although we did have to sit out a heavy shower for a while in the car before it lightened enough to hop out and throw on a coat. I'd hoped it would be shorts and dresses for the next few months but as there was a chill to the air I reluctantly rummaged in my wardrobe for this pair of trousers I knew must be lurking there. I like the idea of them, they are much like a pair I wore out last year. 
Jumpering in summer is such a compromise! I wore a warm top with this bright mesh slouchy jumper to feel a bit more summery than wintry.

Found a cute spot along the walk for snaps with foxgloves. 

Have a wonderful weekend. Take care,

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