A round trip in the sun

Monday, June 08, 2020

Of course, this was a week ago when the sun shone down and the blue skies were still visible. Wasn't this weekend an absolute washout?! The garden and allotment are overjoyed with the rain so naturally it was appreciated but midweek would have been so much more convenient. Never mind. 
Anyway, here's the snaps of the inland portion of our favourite walk, complete with some interesting (to me) wild flower sightings.
Black horehound in the sunshine
High point and the clearest view we've seen from there
And on the hill grows purple broomrape which isn't even in my book. It's this rather unassuming clump of purple sprouts in the foreground.  It's not just the pretty stuff that gets shared round here.
Bit of scabious at a distance. You can see how parched the grass is.
Oh those steps. We waited patiently at the base for a couple to come down. One at a time, incredibly 
S L O W L Y so that we could pass wide as the steps are narrow only for the woman to veer right up close and say thank you for us waiting. I had to bite my tongue (and hold my breath) but FFS which part of STAY AWAY there's a deadly virus on the loose are people not understanding????????? 
Big knapweed and below, lupins taking over the path. Why can't my allotment ones do this well?

I think this is meadow clary but I'm not 100% convinced. It's so delicate and pretty.

Yes to meadows
Yes to lovely rosa rugosa

I think this is some kind of oxalis. It's very pretty.
Long dusty tracks. In fact this was the first time we went anticlockwise round the walk and went wrong. I did say I thought we were meant to take a path to the right - I was disagreed with. A few minutes later upon finding things we would have recalled if that was indeed the normal path we double backed and took my suggested path which proved to be the one. Smugness ensued.
Poor buzzards everywhere are harassed by crows.
Honeysuckle is looking fantastic

The only place in Norfolk we have found wild garlic growing and it's on private land. SO infuriating.
The rhododendrons bring a tropical feel to woodland.

Fabulous ancient pathways.
More another time.

Take care,

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