It's never enough

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

All the time in the world still isn't enough. The last three months have taught me that despite my dreams of having the time to do x, y and z that when it boils down to it, when you take everything in to account there is still never enough time. No matter what you intend, no matter how you structure your day, or make lists, or prioritise. Somehow, it all just slips away and you hear yourself saying how you ran out of time. Don't get me wrong, I've achieved so much more than I'd hoped. It's just been a wake up call that adulthood naturally renders you unable to fully break away from everything. As a child a whole day could be your own, in it's entirety. As an adult that rarely happens. 
As much as has been possible I packed the essentials and bones of my priorities into my days. There are few regrets. It's just served as a kindly reminder that time waits for no man, or woman. Have a plan? Start today. Something you want to tell someone? Do it today. Before we know it another year will have passed and we'll all be marvelling at how quickly things have moved on. We know the drill.

I bring you just a few shots of a sparrow and dames violets today from a rainy day.

Take care,

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