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Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Well, things feel bleak in the wider world today. It feels disheartening to hear the news. 
I'm sharing a summery outfit today from a few weeks ago in the sizzling heat. The rain feels like it's on the way, with clouds this morning and I keep my fingers crossed over the coming week that we'll be lucky.
This dress makes me reminisce about the 90's. I loved the styles from back then, the music, the tv. I'm excited to see that Buffy will be available on the channel 4 catch up thing. It was my favourite show for years although believe it or not, I missed the last season or season and a half - I blame C. Shows are never as good as you remember but maybe I'll find sanctuary in nostalgia. Something to pop on when I'm ironing - not exactly how my 90's self would have wanted to re-live the series... FUCK adulthood.

Take care, be kind.

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  1. That's a pretty dress!!! I love it. Very Buffy! My sister named her cat Buffy! I've been so gloomy this week. AWFUL things going on but the way people are engaging with each other.

  2. Cool dress. I gave up on Buffy about half way through but I'd probably enjoy a few re-runs.
    Yes, adulting is dull, I've started to iron whilst listening to the radio on a Sunday morning, it seems to help with the monotony... (but doesn't that sound like a dull adulty thing to say! haha!)


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