Candyfloss jumper

Monday, November 09, 2015

candyfloss jumper and a pettycoat skirt

One candyfloss pink jumper, a garden full of flowers cool temperatures and a little bit of skipping around with glee; that's the main ingredients featured in today's post.

candyfloss jumper and a pettycoat skirtcandyfloss jumper and a pettycoat skirt

What made you buy a jumper that colour, Sophie? Well you know that I do love a warm jumper to keep me happy. This one presented itself to me at a moment which must surely be described as vulnerable and of course I must have succumbed to whispers of cosy days and promises of snuggly evenings. This particular knit is roomy and yet just small enough to tuck in to my favourite skirt for a different look. Perhaps a little childish, only emphasised by the colour.

candyfloss jumper and a pettycoat skirtcandyfloss jumper and a pettycoat skirt

My favourite skirt is in some ways a frustration as it looks lumpy with a large jumper on top; the waist bow makes it look a little like I'm smuggling something around (food, knowing me) so the silhouette is far from flattering. But all is forgiven as I adore everything else about it from the buttons down the front to the lace to the hem of the under skirt which I replaced earlier in the year.

candyfloss jumper and a pettycoat skirtcandyfloss jumper and a pettycoat skirt

These pictures date back to September (hence the flowers and leaves) but seem more appropriate to show you now, when it's getting chilly. There is something wonderful about exploring a pretty garden, it makes me very happy.


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  1. The colour suits you, and teamed with black and brown is far from childish.
    The garden looks so pretty, was this from your holiday?

  2. Beautiful outfit outfit Sophie! The jumper suits you so well. The garden is so stunning!

    Emma Xx

  3. Ah isn't it pretty! A lovely colour and pretty settings!!x

  4. I love your outfit, it's just so quirky and pretty! Gorgeous photographs!
    Donna xx
    Polkadot Pink - a thrifty, life&style blog

  5. You got it girl. Totally, truly. x x x


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