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Thursday, May 25, 2017

I'm thrilled to tell you that I've been named Country Style Blogger of the Year 2017. What an accolade, I'm absolutely over the moon and it really rates as one of my happiest moments in my adult life.
Without your wonderful support there wouldn't be much to show round here, thank you to everyone who took the time to vote but more importantly thank you for dropping by. It's odd to try putting it into words but here's my try. I've never been a particularly confident person, in fact I dislike the word confident as in my head it follows hot on the heels of arrogance. Over the last few years I'd describe my mindset as more as growing comfortable; feeling at home being myself and instead of making apology for my likes, preferences and character it's been a steady learning curve of shrugging off doubt and accepting that's who I am. You have made such a massive contribution to how I feel that I'm at a loss of how to say how grateful I am. Most people in my day to day life don't consider me creative at all, yet when I take a minute to scroll through my blog I can't help but feel like I've far excelled my own expectations of my capabilities.

It continues to be a real joy to put together each post and I hope it shows.

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  1. Well done Sophie so pleased for you (and C) excellent news, you must be on top of the world this morning and now your confidence should be sky high .X

  2. PS from your blog's and tweets I would never class you as being arrogant .x

  3. That is fantastic news and much deserved. I can't think of anyone who deserves that particular acolade more than you-countryside style is the essence of this blog! Well done!Xx

  4. Congratulations you deserve it so much,your posts are written in such a way that it feels like we know you,that you are a friend,and they take us to more peaceful beautiful places.
    Well done,I was watching the live tweets last night and felt sure you would win,so deserved.

  5. Well done! Curious to know what you win?

  6. Congratulations, that is amazing!


  7. Most excellent news! Very pleased that you've been given this award, it's richly deserved. Well done lovely xx


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