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Thursday, December 04, 2014

perfect white puffa jacket like East 17perfect white puffa jacket like East 17

It's finally happened, I've found a puffa jacket that doesn't make me look like the Michelin man! I came by this jacket by fortuitous accident really; my brother, a conscientious shopper indeed, bought a coat online for his girlfriend to wear out while it's cold. How thoughtful. It's from Adidas and it's either goose or duck down (I forget which, but it's the better type).

Anyway, after it arrived it turns out it wasn't for her so he offered it to me instead of returning it. As it was my size I tried it on and from the second I got the zip pulled up to my chin it was always coming home with me. Due to the thin nature of the jacket I was distinctly dubious about how warm it would actually keep me but BLIMEY it's a good coat! The down filler is working brilliantly, it's kept me super toasty evening when it's around zero degrees outside (frost out and ice on the road). The length is perfect so no cold derriere either, plus the padded hood is a perfect alternative to a hat. The fluffy trim is removable but it's staying for sure.

The reason I would never have bought this coat myself is that firstly it's snowy white and therefore it's only a short matter of time before it gets wrecked and secondly it cost more than the £35 I gave my bro for it.

I'm not sure just how well it will cope in rain but it's my go-to choice for the cold. It details how to wash it (and tumble dry – with 6 tennis balls no less!).

Since I squirrelled it away home for my own wearing pleasure a couple of weeks ago I've barely worn anything else to go out walking the dog in. I'm so chuffed with it! Naturally I do look like the fifth member of East 17 in their Stay video, but that just makes me seasonally appropriate, non?

Baby if you've got to go away,

Don't think I could take the pain,

Won't you stay another day?


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